Beginner's Guide to Photography

Master Your SLR Camera in Just 1 Day!

Frustrated with your photography? Not getting the results you expected? 'Beginner's Guide To Photography' is just what you need and will have you up and running in just 1 day!

This guide contains all the training you need without the boring techie stuff you don't. Think of this guide as your door to a lifetime of capturing GREAT images consistently!

What This Guide Has to Offer

The Beginners Guide to Photography is the closest thing to a one-to-one live coaching session with the added benefit of being able to come back and refresh your knowledge at any time.


Grab a coffee, sit in your comfy chair and let me talk to you as if we were having a one-to-one coaching session. 


Sit for a day and work through this training in one sitting or do a chapter a month. It's your program and your choice!  


As a student you are invited into an exclusive Facebook support group. Use it to ask me and other students ANYTHING.


I'm not techie and you don't need to be. I will teach you ALL the essentials without overcomplicating things.


Even if you go through the course in a day, you can jump back into one or all modules as you need refreshing.


Once you have been through this course there will be NOTHING stopping you become a GREAT photographer. Go for it!

“Having tried to read books and having seen several You Tube videos, I was immediately drawn to Adrian's style when I came across some of his video's. Here was a guy who was simplifying down to my level, not assuming any knowledge. Perfect. I signed up and sat down for a couple of afternoons. Brilliant, just what I wanted and I am now inspired to get out and use my camera in manual mode ! Can't wait for some more follow on courses....”

Debbie Horner

“Next to purchasing a DSLR camera, watching and applying the ~8-hours of material in this course is the next best investment anyone could make in their photography. Although pitched at beginners, I have no hesitation in highly recommending this course to any amateur who wishes to genuinely master all the fundamentals of photography, master their camera and and start shooting with complete confidence.”

Tim Matthews

About Me

Adrian Salisbury

“My name is Adrian and I've been a Professional Photographer for 15 years. Nothing excites me more than helping amateur photographers 'get it' and start confidently capturing memories beautifully. Great photos will last centuries and have way more power than we ever give them credit for. I love it!"

— Adrian Salisbury

Take a look inside

The coaching is broken down as follows:

  • Setting Up Your Camera
  • Focussing Like A Pro
  • Understanding Exposure
  • White Balance Expained
  • Chosing The Best File Types
  • Getting Inspiration
  • File Storage & Backups
  • Equipment
  • Basic Editing

Master Your Camera in Just 1 Day

Don't make excuses! I do it myself, think I'll come back and learn something later but what might you have missed out on - Another Birthday, a Holiday, a loved one's memory?

By this time tomorrow you could have learn all the fundamentals and be starting a lifetime of photography, is that not worth a $79 investment!

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No questions asked, no hassles, no problems!

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